Ghaziabad lies in the National Capital Region. Most residents in the area had traditionally been traveling to New Delhi to gain access to specialized, holistic care including preventive, curative and restorative healthcare. Owing to this, we created Healing Tree Hospital.

At Healing Tree Hospital, we aim to provide accessible and affordable medical care across a range of specialties to both local and global communities. We strive continuously to deliver the best patient care—from prevention to treatment of the most serious and complex human diseases.

Healing Tree Hospital is the fruit of all the efforts that we had put in over the last decade. We aim to grow and challenge conventions continuously. Our unstinting pioneering spirits, technological advancements, forward-thinking and collaborative approaches are the cornerstones of our legacy and have helped us in providing exceptional patient care. We strive magnanimously to provide excellence in multi specialties to treat patients with respect, compassion, dignity and ensuring their safety by complying with all legal requirements & significant environmental aspects to maintain adherence with NABH standards through continuous quality improvement.

A few years ago, we had a dream. Imagine if each one of us would be able to get access to healthcare facilities without any differentiation. From the first day of our inception and beyond, we strive to fulfill this collective dream of ours. What started as a humble beginning is now poised now to take on a new challenge every day, at every step. We ensure that along with guidance, attention and care, expertise is delivered with the highly advanced technology and precision. As a team that is focused on improving healthcare continuously, I am sure we will be providing the best care and guidance and make a positive change in the lives of the people. A robust, well integrated, excellence seeking healthcare organization; this is what Healing Tree Hospital will always be.

Being in the healthcare industry, it has always been noticed that people have to travel across cities when they are in the need of specialized treatment and care. The situation worsens when there are cases of emergencies. Noticing such similar issues in a city that is very near the capital had encouraged me to create a facility that caters to the people in the vicinity. Healing Tree Hospital has helped us enforce the best practices where healthcare is available and affordable to all. It has been a continuous process of updating and building the best services at the people’s doorstep at their convenience. We entail the finest medical skills and best medical professional to dispense quality treatment and care.


We aim to serve patients with excellence because everyone has good health. Our advanced approach has been helping us in making healthcare accessible, available and affordable to all..


We aim to provide world class and holistic healthcare services with continuous quality improvement. We are committed to serving our community with the highest quality patient care at affordable prices.