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Women’s health is a major concern in our country as it is highly neglected. Healing tree hospital provides comprehensive treatment to women through its world class facility and multidisciplinary team who are focused on promoting the wellness of a woman’s health.

We have complete facility to provide treatment and care to women across different stages in their life. We ensure to provide personal attention and care to every woman so that you can regain your health quickly and also to ensure that nothing gets unnoticed by chance.

We have been known for innovation, quality care and excellence in the field of gynaecology. Millions of women visit us every year due to our ethical medical practice for different range of treatments.

Our acute care facility, safe and comfortable environment provide best quality care for reproductive medicine, genetic medicine, high risk obstetrics and neonatology. We have expert surgeons who can conduct gynaecological procedures.

Be it any condition, complex or rare or simple – we offer complete procedure of treatment, surgery, medicine, gynaecology procedure or surgery if required. Thus, ensuring that you should be as healthy as you can be.

Key medical procedures


We offer key medical procedures such as:

  1. Fertility and IVF: We offer best treatment for you to have a baby. If you are trying it for the first time or after failing from elsewhere. Get an IVF treatment from us and you will definitely see positive results.
  2. Gynaecology: We conduct laparoscopic surgeries and are recognized for cracking the difficult gynaecology cases.
  3. Centre for foetal and genetic medicine: We rightly diagnose and treat congenital malformations, high risk pregnancy and foetal complications.
  4. Birthing Centre: We encourage pregnant women for natural deliveries as women can recover faster compared to C-section.
  5. Laparoscopic gynaecology: We undertake difficult cases and handle complex laparoscopic surgeries.
  6. Speciality clinics and diagnostics: We have a multidisciplinary team who can detect andidentify the problem rightly. This then enables them to align a treatment, thus providing better outcomes and overall patient experience.
  7. Neonatology Centre: Neonatal cases need careful treatment and we have complete centre for neonatal care. We have positive outcomes for treating premature babies and other complex cases.
  8. Wellness Program: Stress and fast life is adversely affecting health and such underlying diseases need to be treated. Through such wellness programs, we ensure to diagnose silent diseases and provide effective treatment too.

Diseases and Conditions 


PCOD – a common lifestyle disorder caused in many young and middle-aged women leads to disturbance in menstrual cycle and weight gain. Although, there is no permanent cure of PCOD, an expert gynaecology can control the symptoms.

High Risk pregnancy is a major problem which must be consulted through an expert gynaecology! It can be risky both to the mothers and the foetus, thus it is important to take the necessary treatment if you are facing complications in your pregnancy.

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