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Endocrinology is the branch of medical science which deals with endocrine organs such as thyroid, pancreas, ovaries which can lead to hormonal disbalance in the body. There are many diseases such as cushing’s disease, PCOS, diabetes, hyperthyroidism, thyroid cancer which needs endocrinologist intervention.

Depending on the severity of the medical condition of a patient, an endocrinology usually suggests medication and/or surgical treatments for faster recovery, reducing the complication. All this requires complete facility for patients care in order to avoid any side effects. Usually, hormonal disbalance can cause mood swings, complications in the body, headaches or any other issue which can potentially affect your daily routine.

Key Highlights

  1. We have a complete facility for diabetic patients to monitor glucose continuously.
  2. Healing tree hospital can conduct surgeries such as bariatric surgery, pituitary surgery, sleeve gastrectomy and thyroid surgery based on the severity of the endocrinological disease.
  3. Patients who suffer from any kind of endocrinological disorders require lifestyle changes to improve their overall wellbeing. Our experienced endocrinologist suggests healthy lifestyle changes which can cure the symptoms and subsequently control the hormonal levels.

Diseases & Conditions


Different types of hormonal disorders require estimation of hormonal estimation through a proper diagnosis. Healing tree hospital has all the modern facilities and equipment’ to conduct treatment for hormonal disorders. We are highly concerned with the patients well being and provide cutting edge medical care for treatment of the same.

Diabetes is one of the common causes of premature illness and death in India. Diabetes requires continuous monitoring of blood glucose levels and the treatment plan is employed based on the types of diabetes a person suffers from. We have diabetologist who will make you aware of the lifestyle changes, dietary changes and some life-threatening conditions which can be caused due to diabetes. Our health care team for uncontrolled diabetes usually consist of a dietician who will plan diet meals for you, an endocrinologist who will prescribe insulin and other medication, foot doctor as diabetics usually suffer from foot-related problems, and ophthalmologist who specializes in eye care of the patient. Our endocrinologist also provides different treatment plans for pregnant women who suffer from type 2 diabetes.

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