Orthopaedics - Healing Tree Hospital


Healing tree hospital is one of the best orthopaedic hospital in India, offering latest orthopaedic treatments along with surgical advancement for treating different orthopaedic cases.

The cutting-edge technology for operation rooms, recovery rooms, equipment for treatments make Healing tree hospital as one of the advanced orthopaedic hospital in India which is known for innovation and excellence.

No hospital is great without trained doctors and Healing tree truly understands the importance of training sessions! Thus, all the orthopaedics are well trained to perform better in curing the challenging cases through physical therapy facility.

They are trained from top training institutes and hospitals which expands the vision and mission of the hospital. Such training has brought more and new techniques and facility to Healing tree hospital. This enables us to deliver better health outcomes and improved patient’s experience.

Our modern equipment range includes operating microscope, image intensifier, top of the line arthroscopy system, computer navigation system along with orthopaedic surgery complex with laminar flow.

Key Highlights

  1. Healing Tree hospital offers key orthopaedic surgeries in huge numbers with outstanding outcomes.
  2. We have experts who can conduct shoulder surgeries and other micro hand surgeries which require great precision and skill.
  3. Healing Tree hospital can conduct cartilage regeneration surgery, micro fracturing, mosaicplasty. We are known to conduct Articular Cartilage Implantation (ACI).
  4. We are also undertaking research study in Orth biologicals and growth factors to come up with regenerative medicine.
  5. We ensure to understand your medical history, check the condition of your bones and joints, diagnose you for orthopaedic diseases and then align a treatment which will be best suited to you.
  6. We undertake treatment for dislocation and fracture as we have well equipped traumatology units. Our aim includes minimal down time for the patients.
  7. Another salient feature of our hospital is treatment of bone cancers, which is challenging to cure.
  8. Another important treatment is through physical therapy through which we provide rehabilitation and pain management through sophisticated equipment to ensure fast recovery.

Diseases and Conditions

Healing Tree Hospital understands the pain of joints which is commonly noticed in age old women. We can perform bone and joint replacement surgery through Arthroscopic and Reconstructive technique, joint replacement like hip resurfacing, knee replacement surgery for primary, complex primary and revision replacement

Healing Tree hospital has a dedicated sports medical centre where we can address sports injuries such as ligament, cartilage, meniscus damage through arthroscopic surgery. Through this key-hole surgery, our orthopaedics can treat severely damaged joints by replacing them with artificial joints which can last for two decades

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