General Surgery - Healing Tree Hospital


Healing tree hospital is equipped with modern technology, infrastructure and world class facility to conduct general and laparoscopic surgeries. We have a team of surgeons who can perform surgery on pancreas, gastrointestinal, hepatobiliary, cancer and bariatric.

Key Highlights


  1. Laparoscopic surgery requires precision, skill and experience – which our surgeons have! With us, you can trust your treatment procedure.
  2.  A small incision of ¼-1/2 inch is made to conduct the surgery. Through the incision made, surgeons can insert camera embedding video technology thus providing surgical brilliance.
  3. We are also equipped to conduct Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery which is a novel yet specialized surgery technique in India. Through this surgery, you can expect maximum comfort, early discharge, quick mobility, less reliability on pain relievers, reduced risk of infection and reduced amount of pain.

Diseases and Conditions 


Gall bladder stones are formed in those who suffer from high level cholesterol. Hence, laparoscopic surgery needs to be performed for removal of gall bladder.

Hernia is a localized bulge in the abdomen region which can be painful and bring some discomfort. Commonly noticed in males and can be diagnosed through an endoscopy. Hernia operation is carried out by laparoscopic surgery.

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