Neurology - Healing Tree Hospital


We have a team of neurologists who can treat and diagnose more than 500 neurological conditions, be it simple, rare or complex. We have world class facility for diagnosis and treatment of neurological treatment such as motor neuron issues, cerebrovascular disease, dementia, cognitive disease, movement disorders and stroke.

We have radio diagnosis infrastructure and clinical protocols for treating multiple sclerosis, neuro-oncology, autoimmune neurology, demyelinating disorders and paediatric neurology.

Our clinical protocols are specialized to treat peripheral nerve, neuromuscular diseases, headaches, sleep neurology and speech pathology. We have diagnostic equipment and radiology infrastructure such as Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), CT Scan and functional MRI.

We have fully equipped labs to understand brain ailments and neurological implications through EEG and EMG infrastructure.

Key medical highlights


Our cutting-edge technology through radio diagnosis equipment include:

  1. Sleep study lab: An overnight evaluation process which records eye movement, brain activity, oxygen levels, heart rate, body movements and many more.
  2. Electroencephalogram: An equipment designed to test electrical brain activity by attaching small and flat discs to the scalp.
  3. Ultrasound of the brain: Ultrasound waves are used to produce pictures of the brain along with cerebrospinal fluid through imaging technique. Ultrasound imaging is commonly performed on infants whose brain has not been properly developed. A transcranial doppler ultrasound is used for evaluating blood flow into the brain’s arteries.
  4. Electromyograph: A diagnostic technique which is used for evaluation and recording of the electrical activity which is been produced by the skeletal muscles.
  5. Functional MRI: One of the most important radiological tools which is used to diagnose brain tumours – the size, shape, location and position and type. Through MRI scan, neurologist can then align protocol for treating the same.

Diseases and Conditions 


Stroke is caused when blood flow is restricted to the brain and thus the brain functioning is disrupted. This can result in paralyze, speaking problems, numbness and in some cases death. It is always better to take early medication from Healing Tree hospital whenever you notice symptoms of stroke such as trouble in walking, numbness of arms, legs and face, trouble in speaking and understanding and paralysis.

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