Physiotherapy - Healing Tree Hospital


Physiotherapy aims at enhancing and restoring of the functional ability of the patient which can potentially affect the daily routine of the life. Any regions such as brains, tendons, nerves, ligaments, spinal cords, bones, joints require physiotherapy.

A physiotherapist is actively involved with treating patients so that they can resume to their normal life as quickly as possible.

Key Highlights:

  1. We have all the necessary equipment and machines which are required by physiotherapist to conduct successful physiotherapy.
  2. Physiotherapy is needed when you suffer from any kind of injury, accidents, cartilage inflammation, disorder from nervous system.
  3. We have experienced and well-trained physiotherapy who provide treatment with a holistic approach for treating disabilities and physical impairments.

Diseases and Conditions 


Sport injuries are caused while playing sports, exercises and training due to over training, lack of conditioning, and improper technique of performing specific training. Our physiotherapist always suggest that body warm up is important as any negligence can increase the risk of sport injury. Usually sport injuries are caused in the athletes where they commonly suffer from injuries in muscles, joints and bones. Hence, Healing tree hospital have a team of physiotherapist can help you recover from the sport injuries rapidly. They also educate the athletes to prevent sport injuries from happening in future.

Many traumatic patients require physiotherapy to provide continuous care and rehabilitation. Healing tree hospital has a multi-disciplinary environment where we provide support and guidance to the patients who require physiotherapy treatment. Some common traumatic injuries are fractures, wounds, soft tissue injuries which must be treated immediately to avoid further aggravation.

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