ENT - Healing Tree Hospital


ENT at Healing tree hospital provides a diagnostic assessment to the patients suffering from issues with speech, swallowing, and hearing. We have a team of specialist who can understand the root cause and severity of the problem. Firstly, the doctor conducts an initial stage of screening such as hearing, visual checks etc. and if required, they may perform diagnostic tests before giving a treatment plan.

We have trained ENT who can cater to the following problems such as ear infections, sinus, septoplasty, rhinoplasty, swallowing issues, tonsil problems, head and neck tumour and many such related problems.

Key Highlights


1.    We have a team of ENT specialist who has conducted many successful surgeries for the reconstruction of the middle ear, laser surgeries for head and neck, nose tumour, the facial nerve.

2.    We have all the equipment’s which are required to conduct the diagnostic tests and to carry out surgeries without any hassle such as nasal endoscopic equipment with HD cameras, clinical laboratory, radiology labs.

3.    To carry out head and neck surgeries, our doctors are well trained for Transoral Otolaryngology

Diseases & Conditions


Many people suffer from nose bleeding and breathing problems caused due to a deviated septum which needs to be repositioned. One has to undergo a surgery where the surgeon needs to cut and remove the parts of the septum to position them correctly.

In simple words, septoplasty is the trimming, repositioning and replacing of the bone or the cartilage in the nose by making a small incision in the nose. We have a team of specialist who has conducted many surgeries for septoplasty. Post the operation; our doctors will provide precautions which the patients need to take for several weeks to avoid complications.

Tonsillectomy is the procedure to treat tonsillitis. Tonsillitis is a common problem faced by children where the tonsils cause inflammation. It is accompanied with sore throat, fever, swallowing and redness of the tonsils. 

Tonsillitis is treated usually with antibiotics and short therapies, which generally cures tonsillitis. However, when medication and therapy don’t work, surgery shall be performed where tonsils are removed. Endocrinology: Hormonal disorders, uncontrolled diabetes

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